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The Takeover Las Vegas-Black Enterprise

MGM Resort Las Vegas

Four of the biggest social media influencers in the black community came to Las Vegas to showcase how they enjoy their stay. From Black Enterprise, MGM sponsored this series featuring Don Benjamin, Tatiana Elizabeth, Keith Carlos and Megan Hysaw.





Challenges and More

Shooting on the strip is always difficult. Every place has their own rules and permits. Even it being sponsored by MGM still made bringing in extra lights and staff difficult. We had planned to film inside Jewel Nightclub but they ended up not allowing it the last minute so we had to gather as much footage as we could before entering. Being on a shoestring budget and less than ideal amount of crew made it difficult but we were able to capture multiple looks in each location to draw out a thought out storyline for each person over a three day period.



The Looks

The Takeover-Vegas Episode 1: Tatiana Elizabeth

The Takeover-Vegas Episode 2: Keith Carlos

The Takeover-Vegas Episode 3: Megan Hysaw

The Takeover-Vegas Episode 4: Don Benjamin


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