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    Lumiere Skyn
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    Branding, Photography
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    Web & Social Media
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Skyn Care Done The Right Way.

Lumiere Skyn wanted to show off their products early on to their social media subscribers but they had a major problem. They didn't know what their line would look like. They had a logo created and their products had been created but they didn't have any labels or even any bottles..

Challenges and More

As the company approached their launch date in the next month-they built their social media on showing the process of how their product was being made but they wanted to unveil the aesthetic and show what the process looked like outside of production. With just the logo and colors-we created their entire product line with accented colors that worked with their color palette. Whites and blacks played a big part of their product mock ups as it reflected the clean look they liked from other companies that they followed.

The environmental background of the mockups gave them a better idea as to how their company colors looked and overall they felt confident in what their physical products would come out looking like.

The Grand Tour


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