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    Heuvel Supply Co
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    Branding, Motion
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    Web & Mobile
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creating something from nothing works in more way than one. my intention was to create a storyline all on my own. getting the copy created on my own, telling the story on my own, and finding the small details to tie a story in all together to make it cohesive. with my intentions of this story- leather crafting is the same thing. these products are all handmade. it takes hours to do correctly, and just like a video, its one-of-a-kind and unique in its own way. the thing I love about this job is how much correlation there is to other people’s work. it just takes time to get to know them to see it.


challenges and more

sometimes you go in with one idea and leave with another. finding a way to tell the story the way I wanted to was my challenge for this project. it was an exercise in creativity from the shot selection to the color and music. yes I could’ve gone full country with the music and tie in with the outdoor shots but its been done so much and I didn’t want to take it easy on myself.

the look



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