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    Carbon Diet Coach
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Simple. Scientific. Sustainable.

The smart, adaptable diet coaching app that will help you achieve long lasting results.

I was contracted to create a total of 20 social media ads for Layne Norton, Holly Baxter, and Keith Kraker by 1 Marketing Agency to help boost their sales and engagement for their macro tracking app Carbon Diet Coach.


Challenges and More

Working for the first time with people always has their own challenges but following Layne Norton for years, I knew he would be a natural on camera. With having a full pre production with storyboarding, scripting, shot listing, and production mapping the entire thing-we were more than ready to tackle two full days of production splitting the pieces of content up in three locations. Everyone was well prepared and understood what was needed to bring the best out of them while they were on camera and overall I as well as the marketing agency was happy with the deliverables and have noted they have seen a 27% increase in their sales with these videos.


The Look

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