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Atlanta Based Creative Personal Trainer

There’s a lot you can say about BMX Beesy. For one. I don’t even know his name. He is such a passionate person. He actually cares about personal training and helping people. He is in incredible shape and truly lives the lifestyle that he proclaims with his following and his clients.



I met Beesy from the owners of the gym Beesy trains at. I came in and the owner wanted me to shoot two of the trainers (Beesy being one of them) in an edgy style that I was accustomed to and we hit it off where he wanted something personal.



Challenges and More


There weren’t many challenges with Beesy. He loves being in front of the camera which isn’t the usual with business owners but he has had practice if you ever see him on his socials.

On my end it was trying to create a story that would help him tell his story in a hopefully safe for work product. Sadly that did not happen. He speaks what is on his mind and I think from his perspective, he does not want clients coming who dont know who he is and thus he opted to show exactly who he is and I commend him for that.


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