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I have worked with Raven and Kissia many times in the past. They were the first friends I met when I moved to Atlanta and I feel very fortunate to find two black queer women that are trying to not only better their lives but their community. They run Blacklanta, an online directory featuring black businesses in atlanta. They set their sites higher for this project. They put themselves out there to fund their new business. The Black Business Convenience Store. BCCS for short. A convenience store for black business that sell products featured on their directory. They are giving these business owners literal shelf space in a tangible store that gives them a chance where otherwise its impossible. I think it's a brilliant idea and feel extremely fortunate to have worked with them on this.

challenges and more

As every project, there are challenges. I think the biggest hurdle was trying to fit in all the variables about what this store will mean to them, the community, the business owners, and how it impacts everyone around them. It was a lot of information to get through and in the end we couldn't fit everything but I think we got pretty close.

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