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a house called hue.

campaign video for iFundWomen

If you spend enough time on my portfolio page, you'll see that Destiny is a familiar face. She was featured on a video for our beloved Blacklanta's campaign video. She owns A House Called Hue, an embroidery store where she does patch work for all businesses but emphasizes small black owned businesses. She is the epitome of a hard worker and all around hustler. I love this video and her story because she talks about getting started in her home, having her child during the pandemic and not letting anything stop her. I'm lucky to have worked on this with her and currently it has been completely funded!

Challenges and More

Traditionally, I don't worry too much about these projects. If the company and person behind the business has a good story, then more than likely it will do well for a campaign. In this instance at least as this isn't a business that has a new found product that "revolutionizes the world" The challenge we faced was time. As always time is a crippling evil. I met Destiny on the second day of the Blacklanta shoot. Which means that we were deep into the production cycle where Destiny had a campaign date very close to Blacklanta's. We had to turn our preproduction around quickly where I wanted to get all of the information possible on our kickoff call. I wanted all the information and her background so I could filter what the most important things people should know. Being that traditionally we are trying to hit a 3 minute mark for the deliverable, it was a lot of information but thankfully we were in a position of taking out information versus trying to find it and overall I believe her story was told the way it should have been.

The Grand Tour

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