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I’m Jack and I am a content creator and filmmaker. I first started working with some of the top fitness influencers in the world which helped blossom my video production and branding agency from a freelance videographer.

Looking to solve problems using video and content in general, I like to set up my clients with the best possible plan for success.

Every business needs content  but figuring out what that content is exactly takes work, and the process is my favorite part of my job. I will always look to help you out as my client and I do look forward to hearing from you.

video that works, yeah.

Good stories mean good projects.

Big brands made.
Built to scale.

Small businesses like mine, and most likely yours, thrive on building relationships. I want to build a relationship and be transparent on what is possible, what is practice, and what the intent of every project should be. Working together entails me caring about your business just as much as you do.

We help brands maximize their web presence: Your brand should stand out and we keep in mind how we can do that throughout the process. How can we solve  the problem in a way that brands yourself differently is the key point in creating for you.