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Don’t Let Your Zoom Recordings Go To Waste

First of all my apologies for the unnecessarily long title. This is a huge mistake that I see companies do when they are needing content.

We are living in time where this lower quality type of content is now the standard for most businesses. You see Google, Facebook, Slack, huge companies integrate this Zoom look into their content. Check out this piece from the previously mentioned company Slack.

The times are, well, changing…

Up until 2020 the standard was to create high resolution video and with camera’s and tech growing quicker each year-the thought of quality was becoming an afterthought. 4K this and that-at the bare minimum was the standard which most people could do now with the affordability of these cameras.

Now, regardless of quality it didn’t matter. There were meetings, sessions, concerts, everything done through Zoom or Zoom-like softwares. The quality didn’t matter. The content did. So while one of the biggest hurdles may have been getting content out before, now it was just keeping businesses afloat. While the light is more and more reaching through the end of the tunnel-the Zoom look of commercials are still growing so take advantage of it.

No customer is going to look back and say they didn’t want the information being given because of the quality. You already are on camera giving out content so just hit the record button.

Milk that content for everything that it’s worth. The times of making excuses as to why you couldn’t create content have ended. You have a camera at a quality standard that most see acceptable, the sound can be as horrific as the camera and everyone will understand.

Spice it all up

Even the biggest companies like I mentioned earlier are using Zoom video’s but how are they standing out?

Creating your lower thirds, bumpers, plate overlays with branding are all ways you can stand out. Keeping any and all graphics aligned with your business is key to using these videos to your advantage.

For the one time cost of having a graphic designer (or yourself on Photoshop with the help of YouTube) you can directly tie your business with unlimited amounts of content while keeping it presentable and within brand guidelines for the savings that wouldn’t have been possible pre-pandemic.

In closing..

The amount of Zoom speak has been more than a lifetime’s worth but this piece of information is one that needed to be answered with the amount of questions regarding content that I get in a given week. Use your resources to your advantage and lean into what you have available to you. Simple graphics and your own computer recording is all you need for the time being so take advantage of it.