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Cold Emailing Potential Clients

As a freelancer, it is difficult emailing people who have no idea who you are. In general, you are putting yourself out there with the understanding that your email is going to get deleted. That’s okay though. Sometimes it is about volume of people you reach out to but recently I started reaching out to businesses sending emails which if you do it right, should take more time than you’d like.

Providing a clear structure of how you provide value is what will give them attention. Just saying what you do and what your background is, isn’t enough for them. You have to be in an understanding that they are in the power position and keeping their intention is about how you can help them out.

When I look to find a business I think I can provide value for it takes time to look at their social media profiles and websites to see what they are missing that I think would benefit them. This isn’t as simple as creating an email that can be copy and pasted to everyone because it won’t fit everyones needs.

You have to genuinely take the time to see how you can help a business and give thoughtful insights and once you’re done, go to the next business.

Offering a better price is often the go to for people cold email but giving a sale isn’t an intention that more successful businesses care about. Yes it can help but what can happen with this is you look like a cheap option. I stated earlier that I am cold emailing businesses-my intention is to network and build relationships with businesses where my portfolio will show them the quality of work I promise and if they currently do not have someone who creates content or video in general for them, they have a relationship built with me when they do need it.

Cold emailing is as much of an art as any content creation is. You are essentially practicing your copywriting skills to see how businesses react to your emails and you can understand if it is working or not. Provide the value up front and they will tell you if it is valuable enough for them or not.

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