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The 3 Videos Your Business Needs

Every business regardless of industry, size, location, personnel needs video. You can look online for every reason why you need video.

Once you start looking through any businesses website you can start to see which videos come up the most and what the goal of having that video is.

Yes every business is different but everyone is a customer so we can all resonate to similar things. This is why I have put together the three videos you absolutely need on your website.

1. Video Business card

I speak on this a lot and I think they’re incredibly important for many reasons but the biggest is this. You have a website full of copy on it, most of it is most likely not being read- it’s essentially window dressing to make your website look neat and clean. You may not think that but the general population doesn’t read everything on your site which renders it useless in a sense.

Video business cards drive all of that pertinent information on your page and puts it in video form. You tell your audience who you are, what you do and why you do it. It’s easily the most important video because you can attach it to your email, put it on the front of your website and attach it to any ad you may run for your business.

2. Video Testimonials

Most people roll their eyes at this one and it may be difficult not to but video testimonials don’t always have to be a customer on camera. I understand the logistics of how difficult it can be. Plus the obviousness of them most likely not being the most camera savvy. I like to introduce two other options of how to incorporate testimonials.

The first is getting any google review left on your site animated. You could have an editor do it or find templates online from envato or storyblocks where you can continually recreate them.

The second is to use an online animator like Vyond literally anyone can go on and create their own animation with a site like this. It’s some extra work than the former but it does give your website a little fresh of a look where you could make a theme out of it on your website.

I’ve spoken on the importance of testimonials on past and most likely future blogs but they are very much worth having.

3. Promotional video

This is where it starts to really depend on your company but promotional videos work for every company whether you provide a product or a service. Your customers will need to know what you offer and more than likely you need to provide all of the details and unique value propositions as well. Having one for each product or service would be ideal.

All of these videos should be the top priorities for your website to get your customers to stay on your website longer which could in turn, create more business for yourself.

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