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5 Things To Look For When Finding A Video Production Agency

So you have your business or product and you have seen things you like online that you absolutely NEED to have in your video.

When you get to searching for a video production agency or director-you get inundated with information and videos where you don’t know what is necessarily good or if they are right for you.

I have put together some tips to understand what to look for when you need content for your business.

  1. Look How They Market Their Business

If you get on a website and you don’t understand how it works, or it doesn’t look well put together then it could be a red flag. It may not automatically be a red flag I mean, some people will let the work speak for themselves and leave it at that. I know a few content creators that just are not versed in creating websites but strictly use their website as a portfolio.

This is why paying attention to how they market themselves over what their website necessarily look like. If the agency or person is marketed towards building organic reach then make sure you have questions jotted as to how they will do it, if they are niched in one specific industry that does not fit yours then jot down questions that may give a clearer message as to how they will treat this project differently than the others.

2. Stated Prices On Website

This is a rather big one for me. Most people will go online to price shop for videos to see what is in their range and I get it. You just don’t know what it could cost and I have put ads up to find a filmmaker in a different city to film something for a client of mine-only to receive a huge disparity of prices which would cause confusion for someone not well versed in this.

Prices are subjective to many different variables. When you’re looking for an agency you most likely won’t see them online anywhere. This is for your own good. If you see any agency with a hard price-it is best to stay away from them.

$500 video. Buy one get one free. Run away. There is a fundamental problem to having a set price for all videos. Your project will be treated like anyone else’s and that shouldn’t happen. If whatever you want in your video regardless of how much work it will be is being charged as another simple video for the same price then they will produce the video with the lowest amount of effort.

Prices can’t be set immediately. There are always hard costs involved. You may need a location, permits, actors, a voice over, Special graphics, etc.. the variables are endless. What people may likely have is, “Prices starting at..” You can understand what the price for just their service would be. Keep this in mind when budgeting your videos.

3. Look To Find Someone To Build A Relationship With

Working on a video for your business is very personal. You want someone to understand every in and out of what they are filming. The best way to do that is to work with people who you can build rapport with. They have to be happy to go to you with problems to find the best way to fix them. You don’t want someone who isn’t on the same page as you or is too afraid to bring things up. Look to work with people who are looking for a long term relationship where every project gets easier and easier where you can rely on them for new or better insights to build a consistent portfolio of content for your business.

4. Size Doesn’t Matter

Big or small-agencies or freelancers can both produce good work. Agencies will most likely create the most consistent work but it may not be the best for your specific company. Look for what they specialize in and make your decision. Freelancers or smaller agencies are more likely to be versed in multiple industries or be niched at one thing very well. The size itself had nothing to do with how they can help your company. You just have to keep in mind which would be best for you.

Do you want to be able to contact someone whenever you need to have all of your attention or are you going to be okay to only be able to contact between 9-5 Monday through Friday, mostly through email or zoom? These are things you will have to keep in mind.

5. What Your Audience Will Need

I have this talk with new clients all the time about what they want versus what they need. They may be releasing a new product and want to show it off but you have to understand what is going to help in the long run. Do you already have a company video? Do you have content that fills your Google page? Do you have a Video Business Card? You need to have the most important videos done first. Most of what a video will do for you is buy the confidence of people who don’t normally buy from you. You need to build the trust and a promotional video is only going to get the people who were most likely going to buy anyways. Look to create videos that will have real value for you. Think about seeing some products that seem interesting but you need more information. If you went on their website and saw a well thought out and honest video of the owners-you would know immediately if you wanted to support them or not.

Think about these things when shopping for a video. Price may be important but there are far more important things than that.

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