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Microcontent For Your Social Media

You may not notice how often you see micro content but it’s all around your social media.

Content broken into smaller pieces from larger campaigns are what constitute micro content. The biggest example of this are the 5 second ads you see before videos on YouTube. Not the videos that tell you to skip now. The videos that are strictly a Call To Action videos. They’re simple, effective and most of all, essentially free.

Think about it. These companies did not book and pay for solely a five second ad. They created a larger piece of content and repurposed it to fit their needs.

This is exactly what your business should be doing. Find photos of an old photo shoot that you have used and repurpose them. Overlay a testimonial quote on one of them. Just take the quote directly from Yelp or Google. If you have any promotional video- do what these companies did that I mentioned. Make a Call To Action video and purchase a voiceover from Fiverr then either run ads on YouTube or post it on your Instagram Story.

Even in this pandemic you don’t have to assume that you don’t have content. Taking smaller pieces of larger projects you have, can be an effective way to update your content platforms as well as build relationships with your audience when done the right way.

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