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Creating Video Content For Your Own Business

Creating content has seemed to have taken a step back for more businesses for multiple reasons. Having dispensable income is more than likely the biggest factor as cost cutting is the main concern with businesses.

Content marketing is still a necessary, even if you do not have the income to pay someone to create targeted video ads or social media posts.

The most efficient way to side-step these obstacles is to do it yourself. When you look at needing camera, lighting, editing softwares-it’s enough to just drop the idea of making your own content but there are things you can do that will provide value for potential clients and customers. Some you may have to get on YouTube to learn a bit and some will be things you can do immediately that you may not have thought about yet.

  1. ZOOM

If you are already doing business by Zoom, then there is content that could be shared directly from Zoom when you are sending a clear message to your audience.

Figure you are having a conversation on updates with your company, whether it is new store hours, a message on what you are doing to impact your community, or announcing new guidelines for customers. These are all things that can be uploaded directly to a story or post on social media. You do not need any fancy equipment, not even a screen recording. Zoom automatically sends you the video to download if you see it fit.

In conjunction with company updates-there have been an uptick in Zoom podcast interviews popping up the past few months. If you are in an industry that can make an impact on speaking person-to-person then having an interview on Zoom can provide hours of content for your audience. With everyone having been accustomed to being on Zoom, seeing a Zoom podcast is almost as natural as seeing one on YouTube especially when the pieces of information being shared have value.

2. Live Video

It may seem like live video is dead but Instagram live streams have risen in popularity since the pandemic. Seeing live battles of your favorite music artists from the past decade have been the clear hit but what they have proven is-people want to watch live videos. Its the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to produce your own content. Script it out or shoot from the hip. Which ever way you would like to do it, just do it. Perfection is the enemy of good. People who want to learn about you or your brand will listen. Even if its four people on your live. Those are four potential buyers.

3. Your Phone

Maybe the last two just aren’t polished enough for you. Just shoot the content you want on your phone. Get a tripod for your phone or just stand it up on your desk.

With your phone set to shoot on a timer you can gather your thoughts, set your scene how you would like, and shoot the perfect clean piece of content.

With an added tip:

Set your computer or laptop behind your phone

Write a script

Google a teleprompter website to add your script and that way you’ll have the organic clean look and sound that you would like and maximize your time in the amount of pieces of content you want to make in a given day.

However you want to produce content does not matter as much as producing it. I understand the want and need of having a good piece of product to show to consumers but the general public cares more about having someone and something they can resonate with than how arbitrarily good the look of the content is. Value comes in many more ways than how something looks.

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