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Videographers: Create Value Based Content

I direct this towards videographers but it really is for anyone that is creating content.

For a very long time-longer than it should’ve taken me-I fell into this trap of thinking that my Instagram should be the main social media site that I curate my content for. What does this mean exactly?

For me, it meant that I would be creating content in a format that would cater to my following on Instagram. Everything was aimed to be 1 minute long, the aspect ratio was for instagram and all my repurposed content was for Instagram Stories. This is a trap that I know I wasn’t the only person doing.

We’re in a time where freelance work is growing more and more and specifically now where a virus is spreading and people are getting laid off makes it feel; less impactful for someone who isn’t used to going into a job every single day. Not to say it isn’t impactful, it just doesn’t feel the same as them. The point is, this is a time when freelance work is growing significantly and coming from a background of videography meaning event shooting, music videos, and recap videos-there’s a shift in perspective when providing videos to companies that are using the content to generate sales.

It doesn’t get talked through enough but companies may need promotional videos but local videographers aren’t especially equipped to make videos that would emulate what you see on TV.

It’s not to say that they or I can’t, it just isn’t something to be expected for a one man band.

The perspective shift needs to be on how you can provide value. I will give my tips on what you should be offering and essentially why you should be shifting your focus on how to present video services rather than having the knowledge to shoot video.

1. Asking Every Question Possible

When a business is giving you money, they want to know what you can provide but speaking to them on technical camera terms isn’t as enticing as you think it is. They care about results, return on investment, and that it is a good representation of their brand.

Your job is to show them why you can do what they want and how it can help their business. You are taking their money and they aren’t looking for a promotional style video for every job. It’s your job to ask every question possible to find out what their true needs are and adjust how you would pitch a video

2. Have A True Portfolio-Not Just A Showreel

Yes I have one, its not even on my website though. Its really just for social media to give a shoutout to the people I worked with last year. Some jobs will ask for a showreel but if your showreel is a bunch of music videos and events/weddings you covered then it doesn’t exactly show the range of work you can do.

Curate a range of videos you offer. Make the interviews, corporate videos, training videos-anything you can think of that gives the range they would want to see.

3. Have A Website That Works For You

Obviously if you only want to shoot weddings then just have that work on there. Think of the clients and industry you want to attract and create videos that would attract them. Look at the people who are filming those videos now and see how their websites look. Copy and make it your own. If you don’t have that type of work then go shoot it. It costs nothing but your time.

4. Market Yourself Correctly

At the beginning of this post, I wrote about only curating content for Instagram and it’s coming back around now. I wanted to shoot videos for clients that would give them results. The core of me being a filmmaker is to help people but I wasn’t doing that by not helping myself.

If someone asked what would be the best way to make the most of the video you made would you tell them to post it on every social media? I wouldn’t.

Facebook and Twitter doesn’t give a crap about a video being 1 minute or 30 seconds. People eat content up on Facebook. I’ve spent hours on Facebook watching one video then scrolling down to the next and NOT ONE was a minute long.

Create a full video and make the aspect ratio optimized for Facebook, then do it for LinkedIn, then for Twitter, then Instagram and then IGTV and IG Stories. Make them all different now. Give everyone a reason to want to watch that content on different platforms.

Know your audience and if they’re the exact same then you know they wouldn’t want to watch the same thing on each site. If they’re different then you can repurpose them at different times so they each have double the content.

Make it work for you and it will work for them.

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