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Why This One Type Of Video Will Help You Convert More

A couple days ago I went to leave my apartment to walk my dog. I live on the same floor as the leasing office so I always pass by there to get through the door. I can tell you guys are on the edge of your seat with this story so I’ll cut to the chase. This lady was sitting on the bench waiting for the agents to be done with a tour to get to her and she asked me if I liked living here. I’ve only been in Atlanta a few months but the place is far and away better than the apartment I had in Vegas. I told her I liked it and we got to chatting while my dog Rosie pinched her legs since this conversation is much more important than her needs of relieving herself. (joke).

So, she starts asking me about what is good about this place and what I don’t like about it. She told me she’s looked at multiple places and online of this place and it got me questioning what the website of my apartment complex is because it’s been a while since I took a good look at it. Like most apartment websites, they don’t exactly have testimonials on them. There’s obviously reviews on Google and all but it’s not exactly the norm to have testimonials on their site.

When I got back from walking Rosie, she was finishing up her tour and left looking pleased but I have no idea if she decided on my apartment or not but it did get me thinking about my job and how breaking norms should be at least some sort of practice in any business, even if its just to try something new out.

Testimonials convert more leads than any other video. By 89%.


People innately believe that business owners and sales reps are trying to hide all of the shit in their company with glitter. I do it and I’m sure you’ve done it too. It’s normal. Everyone should be skeptical.

This is partly why I don’t even believe written testimonials. I believe they’re a waste of time and space.

Not only do I not believe it, read what Bill Gates said about it to me in a private conversation we had.

“I agree with you Jack. Also, working with you is amazing.”

Taking the time to have recordings of video testimonials is far more reliable. It takes time, its hard to fake, and it shows people believe in you.

From my earlier story, this lady knows nothing about me. She doesn’t know what my life entails or what I’m looking for in an apartment but she wants to have someone else’s point of view rather than someone who is biased towards the place they earn a living from. It’s natural to want these things but as a business owner, you should understand that you may not always get someone in the door if you didn’t provide enough value to them the first time.

The best part about testimonials is-You have them forever. Having someone genuinely speak about your business, or service, or product is going to be a great tool at any stage of your business. When they care and show it on video, your customers are giving you more credibility and it’s hard for someone to turn away from you if they are actively looking for that service or product.

Integrate video testimonials into your business platforms. The cost is all up-front and you will have a piece of content that will never go out of style.

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