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The 4 Videos Your Business NEEDS

Video is currently the most powerful business tool in the world. Video is 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google than text, and people are about 3 times more likely to watch a video than read the same content in written form. So it”s time to make some! Good videos create emotion, excitement and a desire to work with you. You can utilize video to help growth, raise awareness of your message, demonstrate credibility and in the long run save you time and money. So if you have a business and you really want to start using video but have no idea where to begin, this should at least give you some good ideas as a starting point.

1. Video Business Card

The most important video for any business. I would normally save the best for last but it’s too important for it to be possibly skipped over. I have written many times about VBC’s but they are incredibly useful videos.

For those that don’t know, VBC’s are videos that essentially would be treated as to what a traditional business card should do. We have all given and received business cards but often times-at least for myself, we just hold onto them or lose them without any thought. The point of a Video Business Card is to give you information on your business. Say you did receive a business card from someone for a mechanic. Would you automatically recommend that mechanic to a friend? Did that business card or the process of receiving that business card give you enough information to garner a good rapport? Usually not. You would have to look that mechanic up, see what he (or she) provides and what their reviews are. You get nothing out of that business card.

With a VBC, there is a structured process of what goes into one. You get to see who is behind the company, what they do, and most importantly-why they do what they do. You get to see how passionate someone is in their profession and what motivates them. It’s much more impactful than a traditional “about us” video or a traditional business card. Every company can benefit from having a video like this done no matter what size or industry you are in.

2. Testimonials


No one believes you as much about your reputation compared to everyday people like your target audience. Its not to say people don’t care about what you say but there is context here. Your potential customers want to know what the experience is like working with your business and your past customers do not have a perceived bias like you do about it. Testimonials are a great motivator to potential clients and have the highest conversion rates from almost any other video. You can immediately sense someones emotion and sincerity in a video testimonial compared to a written testimonial.

3. Social Media Live Videos

We live in a time where you can create an infinite amount of videos without many assets needed.

Social Media Live videos give you a lot of factors in one simple setting:

The most important is that it’s organic. You don’t have to hard sell anyone with a live video. You can talk openly about any service or product or situation to give some value to clients and saves more time than anything else.

It’s cheap. As long as you have a phone, you can create all of the content needed. This leaves you without any excuse to create content.

No production needed. There’s an idea that people have where they believe that every video needs to be high end and professional but it’s just an excuse to put off making content. When there are live videos, you don’t even have the option of adding production. You don’t get multiple takes and most importantly-your audience does not have the assumption of it having to look professional. Its a live video after all.

4. Automation Video

This may not be for all businesses but videos to automate any process is important to businesses that have trainings or have long sales processes. Imagine having to onboard a new member to your team and you have to now take one of your existing employees to teach them the job. Automating the training process does two things: saves you money in the long run and ensures that the training is done correctly.

If you do sales, you could be endlessly explaining what you offer and what different configurations there are or any other variable of having to sell to someone who may not have all of the information. If you have videos done to automate the bulk of the information of what you are selling-you can cut the time you have on the phone with the clients and ensure that the people who you are on the phone with are already interested in the service or products provided.

Every video you intend to make should have a sound reason and value to your business. There are times that none of these videos fit what your goal is but they are becoming increasingly important as content for ads continues to shift to video dominant. You may have the idea that you NEED a promo video for your product but if your potential customers don’t know who you are or why you created it, then your promo video is just a flashy video. There isn’t a specific value that you have assigned it when it is just a promo video.

Photo by Lucas Ettore Chiereguini from Pexels

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