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Posting Your Videos On Different Platforms

This is a topic that should be hit harder upon. Granted I dont follow this rule so much so, because there are videos that are specific to clients needs. To give some back story as to how many clients contact me, they ask me for my rate, i give it to them and then there are the various answers butttttttt many of them will say something along the lines of, “Okay, this will mainly be for Instagram so I would like it to be 1 minute long.”

THIS IS THE WRONG WAY TO THINK ABOUT IT. Now, understandably there are people that just want something for themselves and it could be for whatever that isnt directly leading to trying to garner a following or make a sell. But in some way there is a need for the video and saying that you only need it for Instagram is shooting yourself in the foot.

I know I have said this before, but i charge by day rates and half day rates so i dont really care how long you want the video to be. What you think is, i will settle for it to be 1 minute long because itll be cheaper. Thats not always the case. Regardless, if youre spending money on something make it count. The point of the title that i should get to is this. For most people, whether its artists, businesses, or influencers, you all have Instagram but I’m sure you have Facebook, YouTube, and Websites. So why post the exact same video on all of them? Or, what is the point of having all of these sites and only posting on Instagram. Maybe the following is bigger there for you, which is usually the case. How are your other platforms going to grow?

You need to offer something to everyone. It doesn’t cost extra to post on other platforms. You dont have the exact same followers on all of your platforms. Make videos specific to the platforms.

Do the 1 minute video for Instagram, do MORE for facebook. There are more people on Facebook. Make the video a bit longer for them and have the potential to get more eyes on it. Make a BTS video on your own for YouTube. You dont have to pay for all of them if you can do some on your own, especially if you have a Youtube channel already. That means you have some content on there already. Moreover, your idea of what you want to do seldomly takes 1 minute to get the entire idea out. Maybe it does, but lets say you want a video for a business and youre settling for a one minute video. Youre not really offering anyone a difference to go to your Facebook or Instagram if they have the same exact content.

Figure out what you want, make one video specific to Instagram, make a more in-depth video for facebook, etc.. Just give your audience a reason to go to each of your accounts.