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How Much Video Does Your Business Need?

I write this reminiscing about all of the companies I have filmed for and all the different types of videos I’ve done in the past four years of filming. I have to be upfront about saying, there’s no correct answer in exactly how many videos you should have for your businessm what I can do is present questions for you to keep in mind, as a client, when looking to get videos done for your business.

Think about what will be the most beneficial for your audience, think about who your audience is, and think about what has worked in the past. Do you have a built in audience or are you building one from scratch? Where is your content going to live and what is the duration of the content you’re looking for?

As a film maker these are things that not only come in consideration of price, but in time and concept as well. There are times where people looking for video have everything planned out in their head but don’t know where the content is going to live, whether its social media or your website or being sent in an email blast.

Without thinking about the creator’s skill in general, you have to have some questions answered before looking for content for your businesss. The most pertinent question would be,

What is your budget?

I understand that sometimes budget won’t permit having large productions, or multiple videos for everything you can imagine. You have to think rationally. When I was starting out, I was very cheap. People would contract me to do 3-5 videos per month which I offered as a discount because it was a lot of work but after the second or third month I felt that the content was getting stale. The fact of it all was, they didnt need this much content. Now given that they were a fitness brand I understood that content mattered for instagram but as far as reaching people off of that platform, they didnt do anything. They didnt realize that there were other more beneficial things they could’ve done like running ads to a targeted audience on one specific product or getting on youtube to go more in-depth on their products or anything like that. So, they stopped filming which didnt help them in the long run either. This has happened multiple times and by the end of my second year filming I stopped allowing people to contract multiple videos at a time for a discounted rate because I saw that most people didnt have a plan for what their videos were targeted for or where they should live.

If you can only afford to do one video for a specific price in your budget then make sure its something that can be reused over and over again for a specific audience. My mind would go for a short form video about the company that you would find on the very front of a website. Something that would be informative and entertaining to give the audience an understanding of what you do and who you are. That way you could attract an audience and still run ads on social media to find new people. If you can afford more then look for specific things that may need more of an education towards or a product or specific service that could help get more eyes on you and get a return on investment.

Where is your content going to live?

I touched on this briefly throughout the post so far but really think about where you get your most traffic and what platform gives you the most leads. I am not a marketing person at all but I do understand that if there are a lot of people coming from one specific place then you should look at why its working and how to recreate that traffic in other places. If you have a website then obviously take advantage of that. Its the only place where you can put anything you want without having any limitations. Its your personal place and you should treat it with a lot of effort. To get eyes onto your site and to keep eyes there, you’re going to need content. This doesn’t always have to be video but as I’ve said with everything else, find what is working and recreate it. If your audience reacts to a specific type of video like a promotional video for a product or an educational video then you should give those types of video a priority and aim to get those done.

You can definitely figure out how many videos your business needs by the way your audience reacts to them. The point of it all is, you don’t need to blast your audience with videos everyday to be successful. As a film maker, ive seen clients blast their social medias with videos for a couple weeks and when their audience doesn’t respond immediately, they quit. It isn’t always about the amount of content posted. At least not in the short term. I have found that people react better to content that is more personalized and sometimes it can’t be done in such short periods. Amount of video is not always the answer, have a plan, make content that has a direct point and tell a good story. Thats what most people care about.