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Create For Yourself

This weekend I plan to shoot a fitness video. If anyone knows me or my work, I shoot a lot of these. But this one is going to be different. This one is for me. No one is paying me. No one cares whether it gets filmed or not, but that’s not the point. I do a lot of fitness videos and the clients will either tell me exactly what they want or show me things that they want to mirror. Which is obviously fine. I do them but creatively it puts a strangle on what I would do and its part of the job. I get to create and with that alone, I’m happy. This time I will get a friend and wake up before the sunrises to get all of the shots I have in mind and put together all of these ideas that ive wanted to do. I just have these ideas that I need to get out. Its for me. I will be proud of it and it doesn’t matter if it comes out to be absolute shit. Very rarely do I get fullllll creative control and be able to drive a full story from beginning to end.

All of this to say, you have to create for yourself. Being a full time creative, its hard to do it for yourself because you have to focus on everyone else’s work, even though you should be adding a little bit of yourself into each piece of work. You need to do something for yourself. It holds you accountable to your talent and having your name stamped on something. It had to reflect the style that you do and what you’re good at. Yeah, hide all the shit you’re not good at, take your time with it. Theres no deadline on passion projects. No one is going to hold you accountable for it to be done, but the repercussions to that is not being able to show off your strong points and have that marketing tool that gets you a solid project to work on. Its one of the few times it can cost you nothing to show off your work.

Most likely this project won’t be anything special, it won’t be any different than other videos that would come across your feed having to do with fitness but its going to help my mind out. I get to do something where whatever I do is my decision. It helps me learn how to direct better and how to put the visuals in my head to it being a reality and that’s what excites me most! Everyone needs to take some time and create for themselves.