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Creating an Engaging Story

I know I have said this before but this is the time that I actually dive into it. The story is what matters, but what does that even mean? Sometimes you have a video of a recap event or a fitness video or a product video and it feels as if there isn’t much of a story to build from something so simple or flat. To have some sort of story doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. It could be as simple as having one idea and building on it.

The end goal as a film maker should be to evoke an emotion from somebody. Leaving your video, someone should look at it and say, ‘I like that.’ It should just be different. And personal. Look at the biggest directors. A film from Tarantino looks a lot different than a film by Bay. They’re different from each others but each of their films are somewhat similar to their own. Its a style they built and have been tuning since they started. Those styles helped them tell the story. I don’t think there are many people like those two directors but there are much smaller directors that dont have all the tools that Bay and Tarantino have but they learned to tell a story well and they’re the most memorable directors. Its not about having the cool transitions and effects to have a memorable film. Its about telling the best story and the only way you can do that is to channel who you are into the videos. You create your own style and bring some form of you in each video. Its obviously about the project but those clients are coming to you for a reason and that reason has to be put in the video. If your style and personality are in those flashy effects and transitions then that can be the way you tell a story as well. I know a BRTHR music video when I see one and they definitely have shown how to show their personality in their films.

The story is the most important part of any film. Find a way to show who you are in each film and build on that to create your style and set yourself apart from everyone else in your area. Someone will appreciate the extra effort into showing who you are.