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Should you have a website as a creative?

If there is one series of videos and posts that I would like to start doing, it would be not solely on the importance of content creation but why having a website is so important in this day in age when social media is the king.

Having a website is just as important as having a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.. for many reasons. The most important reason is: You have sole possession of putting exactly what you want on it. If I wanted a collage of cats all over it, I could. I could post on my website 1,000 times if I wanted to. Things that have unwritten rules on other social medias like posting multiple times in a row or taking pictures of food, don’t matter here on your own site.

It’s obvious that having a website gives the illusion of being more professional, or being able to offer to potential clients to see an extensive view of your vision and portfolio. These things are imperative to running a business.

Most people don’t want to put the effort into making a website; mostly out of laziness but because they don’t want to spend thousands on a domain to have a .com or it may not look as pleasing but with social media so heavy in everyones lives, everything is hyperlinked or gets automatically saved in your history that having to memorize someones website isn’t necessary anymore, thus not mattering as much to have a specific domain name.

I think the one problem as to why people don’t have a website or don’t want one is because it is too expensive, at least thats what most people think. I think there are many solutions now as to how that is untrue. For me personally, I use Wix to build my own site and they have so many templates to make it look a bit more professional. Yes it does cost a bit of money as well as paying for a domain but if you get just one client from from your site then it would pay for itself for the year. The problem that could occur is that, if you dont put a lot of effort into your site, then it could look unprofessional and steer clients away. Usually it is best to ask everyone you can to look at it from an objective stance and tell you what they like and what they don’t like.I have had to do this as my site looked very generic before and wasn’t adding anything to my work and it did hurt in some sense. I know people will like my videos if it is what they are looking for, but a bad website will give the perception that the unattractiveness bleeds into their work and that could very well be true. I give the advice that I took myself, keep it very simple and only show what you want people to see. My website is very plain and I do that intentionally. I want people to want more from seeing my website and the only way they can do that is by contacting me, and once I am contacted, 90% of the work is already done.

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